WIX Review

WIX Review – A Professional Website Builder

Founded in 2006, WIX is a professional and easy-to-use website creator. Which is simple and easily accessible. With the help of WIX, you can create HTML5 websites using the tools provided in this amazing website.

WIX is an amazing option for beginners who want professional websites for free. So, what are you waiting for? Make your dream websites, social media pages, and even portfolios on WIX for free.

You can create websites and pages for your businesses, restaurants, e-commerce stores, and your companies without any cost. Isn’t it amazing?

Wix Pricing Plans

WIX offers different plans for its users in addition to free access. Ranging from $4-25 dollars a month with a variety of different features and benefits. Let’s have a look at different pricing plans that are offered by WIX to its users.

Four plans are offered by WIX. These plans are paid. You can also access the free plan but it does not have more features and is not as accessible as the other plans.

Features Connect Combo Plan Unlimited VIP Plan
1-year free domain Not Available Available Available Available
Ads removal No Yes Yes Yes
Bandwidth 10000MB 20000MB Unlimited Unlimited
Creating Professional Logos Not Accessible Not Accessible Not Accessible Accessible
Storage Capacity 500MB 3000MB 10 GB 35 GB
Price per Month $4.50 $8.50 $12.50 $24.50


In the free Plan, the user can create a website without any professional logo and domain. The does not possess any power in removing WIX ads. If you want a domain with your name then you have to buy any of the above-mentioned plans.

Connect Plan

The connect plan starts at around $4 a month with slight improvements over the free plan in terms of features. Still, you cannot remove ads nor you can create any professional logo. Storage capacity of 500MB is provided in Connect Plan along with 1 Gigabyte of Bandwidth. You can get extra storage and bandwidth only for $4.

Combo Plan

Combo Plan is available at 8 dollars a month. It has significant improvement in terms of ad removal. You can remove WIX ads through this plan. While the free and Connect Plan doesn’t come with this feature.

Also, there is a drastic increase in the storage capacity of this plan. Instead of 500MB now you get 3 Gigabytes storage. Also, you can have a free 1-year domain which was not available in the previous plans. So, the Combo Plan standing at $8 a month is worth the money.

Unlimited Plan

At number three spot we have the Unlimited Plan. By paying extra 4 dollars you are getting unlimited bandwidth which was not in the case of previous memberships. In addition to that 10 Gigabytes of storage capacity is provided in this subscription.

A professional logo feature is not available in all of these plans except for the VIP plan.


VIP Plan

The majority of the features are offered only in the VIP Plan. As mentioned above you can create professional logos only in VIP Plan. Even Unlimited Plan does not offer this feature.

The storage capacity is also increased a lot. Now you get 35 Gigabytes of storage in the VIP Plan that is more than enough in most cases. Like Unlimited Plan you have access to Unlimited Bandwidth.

Benefits of Using WIX

There are a number of benefits of using WIX over other website builders. Let’s check out some of the exceptional features that WIX offers to its users.

App Store

Everyone wants that all of the applications and tools should be available with one click. WIX has diversity in tools and application market that allows users to use free and paid tools accordingly. These tools also include

  • Mail tools
  • Chatting tools
  • Online shopping tools

Creating Auto-Backups

An extremely versatile feature that is offered by WIX is that it automatically creates a backup for the users. What will happen by creating backups? Well, it will benefit you when you want to change the template, font, or any other thing that you implement on a website. Basically, it’s an “UNDO” type of option. Which can be accessed anytime.


Who does not want flexibility when it comes to website building? So, keeping in mind the requirements of its users. WIX designed an extremely open and flexible environment for its users. You can add or remove anything on your website without spending your money on expensive tools.

In addition to this, WIX has a smart assistant for you in case you are having trouble creating a website or a portfolio. This feature only guides on making simple sites and portfolios.

Things you should keep in mind before using WIX- Professional Website Builder

There are certain things that fall in the category of disadvantages or you can say drawbacks for a WIX user.

Loading Times

If we compare the loading speed of the normal and sites of the competitors. The ideal loading times on normal sites are much lower than on WIX. In addition to this, the loading speeds on mobile phones are comparatively higher than the desktops.

Changing Initial Templates

When you chose a template before creating a website. It may be difficult for the users to modify that template. You are supposed to completely change the template in order to get changes.

Price Comparison

The plans that are offered by WIX are somehow pretty expensive when compared with the subscriptions of its competitors. For instance, the features that are offered by the 12-dollar plan are also available for 8 dollars on other website builders.


If we relatively compare the features and pricing of WIX. It’s a pretty good option for beginners in the field of website building. In addition to the paid extensions, WIX provides its customers with free extensions and tools for convenience. That adds to the versatility of the site.

There are few drawbacks to this website builder. But they can be overlooked because they are minor and are covered by the other features that are provided by WIX.

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