VO Genesis Review

VO Genesis Review – Work From Home Opportunity

To come up, this VO Genesis review guides you to work from home by doing voiceovers. This program is about, how to become a voice-over artist to let you make money by residing at home during this tough time period of global lockdown.

Actually, you will be doing voice-over work for your clients, and this program will give you access to all the useful resources and content that you might need to start a new independent business. How will you earn money? You will be trained to get some handy expertise which could only be achieved by spending some time and effort.

Voice-over isn’t a declined profession, instead, voice-over artists are actually actors that do voice-over work for television, audiobooks, commercials, animated films, documentaries, and other such work that requires narration where the presence of a person isn’t necessary.

Undoubtedly, the voice-over industry is very competitive it can take lots of hard work and time to become highly paid, but this program could guide you about the nitty-gritty of this field in less time.

On the clear ground, the VO Genesis is actually a voice-over genesis and is written by Jenny Lewis to teach you how to make money from home. Digging deep, the VO Genesis system comes with easy-to-follow guidelines which are intended to support people in making an income by using their voice.

Additionally, it contains instructions to expand, grow, and breed your income so that you can become a more professional, talented, on-demand voiceover in just a few days. Surprisingly, you will immediately start producing an income stream without losing hope.

This system is equally beneficial for both men and women who want to generate some extra revenue toeas their daily tensions. The owner of this program claimed that you could generate $150 for 15 seconds recording, $300 for a 30-second commercial, and $4000 for an audiobook. Isn’t it dreamy?

What this System Entails

To teach you well, the VO Genesis package includes videos and PDF to let you get deep insights into the voice-over industry. The incorporated videos are brief and contain the main topic of discussion along with the general information.

After going through the videos, you will be able to set up a complete home studio at an affordable price, record and edit your recorded voice, and can find a few gigs related to the destined field. A total of 15 videos are provided, each one is 2-15 minutes long.

Additionally, the provided eBook contains the same information in detail which allows you to read it at any time when you are not easy to watch videos. Let’s discuss the main content of this program in detail so that you can find exactly what this program contains.

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To be on clear ground, the provided videos are recorded to train you indifferent 11-15 skills, these videos are also known as the starter kit of the program. Now we are going to briefly discuss what these videos entail, but we will highlight only some videos.

Video 1

This video is completed in 10 minutes and comes with detail of how you can start your account on freelancer.com, the provided guided is handy and contain almost all the necessary information in visual form.

Video 2

This video recording is covered in 48 minutes and teaches you about the required technical requirements that you might need while recording your voice. Additionally, the required windows and instructions are provided.

Video 3

This video comprises 14 minutes to teach and deliver the needed four tones in your showcase to let you get good mileage out of this system.

Video 4, Part-1

This part comes in around 20 minutes of discussion, which allows you to learn how to edit your audio and also gives you access to free software which you can use to edit your voiceovers.

Video 4, Part-2

This video part recording comes in a total of 9 minutes teach to let you teach how to clean the unwanted background sound from the recorded voice.

Video 4, Part-3

This part is recorded in 08 minutes and guides you on how to copy, paste, and trim your voice according to needs.

Video 4, Part-4

This recording is covered in around 60 minutes and manifests all the ways to use the free software equalization tool.

Video 4, Part-5

This last part of video four comes in 56 minutes of recording to teach you which version of the video is best and how to export the recorded audio file.

Video 5, Part-1

The first part of this video series guides you about the ways to win more voice audios.

Vide 5, Part-2

This video comes in a total of 8 minutes of recording to train you about how to draw the attention and emotions of the listener.

Video 5, Part-3

The third part of this video comprises 40 minutes of recorded video to give you handy advice on sound maintenance while recording your audios.

Video 5, Part-4

Clearly, this video part is covered in 21 minutes of recording which teaches you how to boost the voice intensity without increasing its volume.

Video 5, Part-5

This video part is recorded in 35 minutes to share some useful techniques that would assist you in improving the voiceovers over a period of time.

Video 5, Part-6

Practically, this video part comes in 4 minutes recording to teach you how to breathe periodically while recording voiceovers.

Video 5, Part-7

This video part is recorded in 40 minutes to reveal a total of 3 different key things to keep n mind while recording voice-over on commercials.

Pros of VO Genesis

  • It trains you to enter the big voice over industry
  • You will learn the ways to market your skill
  • It provides you with gigs, required tools, and other stuff
  • You might find golden opportunities to make money
  • Guides you to set up an economical home studio
  • 60-days money-back guarantee

Cons of VO Genesis

  • It demands lots of time and efforts
  • The claimed income isn’t evident


Grounded in fact, the VO Genesis is an excellent guide to thoroughly guide you with everything that you need to get started in the voice-over industry.

Believe it or not, the existing voice-over courses in the market are more costly and time-consuming as they don’t offer the exact information that you need as a newbie or even as an expert.

Ahead of the curve, VO Genesis is now updated in the corona crisis to let you earn handsomely while residing at home. Just get the link of this system, remain firm and your success is guaranteed!

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