Rich Dad Summit Review

The Rich Dad Summit Review – Invest Your Finance Rightly!

Get you to act together; the Rich Dad Summit is a program that is designed specifically to teach the basics of personal finance and delivers the way to earn wealth besides searching for a salary-based job.

Actually, this program is a two days online live event, which laid on different strategies which can be beneficial and also allows you to practice the fundamentals of personal finance. Then what’s the main aim of this strategy? Stunningly, it provides you with different approaches to make money.

Believe it or not, people mostly think that having a job which offers you a monthly salary is the only way to make money, but now the trends are changing and holding strategies to make income by other means is becoming far more common.

In this program, the author will explain each strategy in detail to make you feel professional. Furthermore, this program will also teach you that how to make more wealth from your current and future source of income in addition to give you a proper understanding of financial intelligence.

The available different strategies allow you to get something special regardless of your professional skills.

How does this Program work?

To saunter through life, the Rich Dad Summit is a master class program that works by teaching you how to operate and think differently and how you can secure your finance.

More precisely, this would enlighten you on the ways to efficiently manage your wealth if your salary is below $25,000, so it can help you to manage your limited resources in a way to generate more.

The beauty of this program is that it has summarized the main points of a conference before starting the main program to let you access them easily while speech. Practically, the conference takes place during the weekends by keeping in mind the job holders in mind.

All you need to do is to be concentrated on the destined weekend and try to start your work right after the class.

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What this Program Entails

Get something out of this system, this conference will be covered by 9-speakers who will teach you during the 2-Day summit. These expert 9-speakers would cover all the essentials within 16-hours divided into 2-days to lower your burden and to keep you fresh.

Day 1- Strategies to Attract Passive Income

Here is the point which will be covered on the first day along with the names of experts who deliver them.

  • Deep insights of Cashflow Quadrant by expert Andy Tanner
  • Secrets to building long-term wealth by Robert Kiyosaki and Jeremy Bellotti.
  • The best offline and online business opportunities by Andrew Lantz
  • The main difference between being an entrepreneur and creating a job by Jeremy Bellotti.
  • Liabilities Vs Assets
  • The quicker way to start a business – Upgraded X-factor by Jeremy Bellotti and Anik Singal.
  • An extended email list to keep it as an asset by Anki Singal.
  • Demystification needed in the stock market by Andy Tanner.
  • Ways to build your success team by Jeremy Bellotti.

To make the long story short, day-1 is basically tabled to introduce you to the different ways that can lead to the generation of passive income including Entrepreneurship, Online, and Stock Marketing such as Email Marketing.

Day 2 – How to Utilize your Money Effectively

Here is the list of topics that will be covered on Day-2.

  • Ways to protect your assets by Garret Sutton.
  • “How simple the success is” by Jeremy Bellotti.
  • Opportunities are hidden in bitcoin by Max Wright.
  • Profit from Real Estate in the rich dad way.
  • The power of soft assets by Andrew Lantz.
  • The power of contribution by Anik Singal.
  • How to save tax as an Entrepreneur and an investor by Tom Wheelwright.
  • Ways to strengthen the global economy to extend a business by Fred Lam.

All in all, on Day 2 you will become an expert about how to utilize your existing money to attract even more money. Digging deep, you would acquire the efficient ways to invest in bitcoin, real estate, and additional secret ways to pay fewer taxes.

Who can be benefited from this Program?

To be clear, the Rich Dad Summit for people who

  • Want to get rid of their tiring jobs
  • Want to be financially stable and free from monthly expenditures tensions
  • Want to improve their lifestyle
  • Are not satisfied in their jobs
  • Are struggling to become stable financially
  • Are beginners in the field of finance management
  • Earners who want to double their savings

Who Shouldn’t Enroll in this Program?

On the clear ground, the Rich Dad Summit program is not suitable for people who already know their future goals and are sure about their success by investing in a particular business.

For instance, if you are a real estate investor and know that you can learn more about your field and are able to earn handsomely from it, unfortunately, this program wouldn’t going to change your life or may not be as much beneficial as for a newbie.


  • Excellent for beginners
  • Direct learning from field experts
  • A variety of different topics are covered
  • You don’t need to visit experts anymore
  • No need for physical classes as it’s available online
  • A book is provided to guide you completely


  • Not suitable for experts
  • Requires a lot of time

Final Verdict

Grounded in fact, the Rich Dad Summit is there to provide you with the experts’ ways to save, use, and multiply your earnings or savings by adopting the described strategies on the right track.

Actually, the target of this course is the people who are in search of appropriate passion that can help them to realize their dreamy needs. Additionally, this online live program is covered by different experts to offer you different ways to attract more money.

Optimistically, we have reviewed the Rich Dad Summit perfectly to teach you the nitty-gritty of this program.

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