Passive Profit Pages Review

Passive Profit Pages Review –Earn by Spending None!

Grounded in fact, Passive Profit Pages is software that is designed to let you make money online from home by acting as an affiliate marketer. Actually, this software will create a webpage for you and you would be allowed to sell the products of other people.

As per the rule, almost all products required a sale page where users will come to buy the product or service, and here the passive profit pages would take the rule. This program provides the five best sales-making pages which assure you hundreds of sales each day. Who will set up the pages for you?

The backend Passive Profit Pages team will design the pages and allows you to choose the product that can give your a higher commission.

On the clear ground, Passive Profit Pages Software is an excellent method that helps you to generate incredible money online by putting in minimum efforts each day. All you need is a working device, the internet, and a small knowledge of the online field to get enter a stress-free life.

As per the commitment, you can earn up to $30,000 is a month by following this straightforward method. Surprisingly, you don’t need any investment, personal information sharing, special equipment, or any personal skills.

How Does Passive Profit Pages Work?

To get on with the amazing results, you need to follow the following steps.

Step#1: Link with ClickBank

Practically, the very first step is getting the ClickBank ID by becoming their associates, and need to put that ID which is created by the owner. After putting this, the affiliate links will be automatically inserted into your websites. Isn’t it time-effective?

Step#2: Choose the Template

Next, you need to select the template from the provided options to continue with the website creation. Here, you will get hundreds of templates to make your website like them, you just need to pick any o your favorite.

Step#3: Select a Subdomain

Here, you will need to select the subdomain which will be linked to a website. Unfortunately, it will reflect the lack of your ownership by saying that you have a webpage as a subdomain.

Step#4: Getting up posts

After creating the website, you just need to wait for few hours to get an email confirmation. After that, you would be able to find 25 posts planned for you according to your niche type which may contain the general information of the niche and related details.

But keep in mind that, you are not allowed to edit these topics to make them different from previously existing sites.

Step#5: Attracting Traffic

The very next phase is to start getting around $1000 from the first day. But the little problem is that many people are not aware of how to drive traffic to their websites, where you would need to get complete information about getting potential traffic by legal means.

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What Passive Profit Pages Entails?

On the clear ground, the Passive Profit Pages program comes with around 6 videos and a traffic PDF to completely guide you about the process and its deep insights.


These videos are basically generated by keeping in mind the most frequently asked questions.

Video#1: ClickBank Account

Clearly, this video is around 5 minutes to teach you about how to create an account on ClickBank when you don’t have any.

Video#2: Getting ClickBank ID

In this video, you will learn the ways to put your affiliate ID in the paid builder, which will credit your account the new commission arrives. The provided complete visual guideline would enable you to flawlessly complete this step.

Video#3: Domain Selection

This video guide will teach you how to select the domain name and reminds you to choose all the lowercase letters to save you from any software glitch.

Actually, the software is not excellent for uppercase letters and can encounter some problems at some stages if the domain contains such letters, so be careful while selecting the domain name.

Video#4: Reminder

On a clear note, this video section is there to remind you that setting up the webpage needs 6 hours, which let you offer enough concentration and practices that you might need by keeping in mind the busy routine.

Video#5: Redirecting Domains

In this video, you will learn how to buy a custom domain and all the essential steps to redirect it to your Passive Profit Pages website in order to make it more proficient.

Video#6: Rebuild any Page

Honestly, this video guides you on how you can refresh the functioning of your website. Additionally, you will learn how to delete the existing site to get started with the fresh one, especially when you want to install the new theme or to get up with the new niche.

Traffic PDF

In addition to the detailed videos, you will also get the 2 pages PDF file which is designed to teach you about how to drive traffic to your website. The incorporated handy formula is excellent to attract thousands of potential customers each day. Actually, the described methods are somehow time-consuming and demand more effort as attracting traffic is not a piece of cake, so keep in mind the facts before embarking on a purchase.


  • No special skills and investment needed
  • 100% certified and allows flexible work hours
  • You are free to work from anywhere
  • A good sum of money with no risk
  • Users friendly interface and guidance
  • Strategies to assure stress-free life
  • 60-days money-back guarantee


  • Not available offline
  • You must need an internet connection

Final Verdict

On a clear note, the Passive Profit Pages enable you to make money online and to come up with incredible success stories in the field of online earning by affiliate marketing.

Moreover, the provided commissions by the destined associated program are quite higher than the other affiliate-based sites to let you take good mileage of your efforts.

The owner of this program claimed that you can earn up to $30,000 each month by just contributing less than 60 minutes each day as the software is here to do your job. Grab the amazing offer to change your life!

Get Passive Profit Pages from the official Website

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