My Online Startup Review – Build an Amazing Career in Affiliate Marketing!

These days, affiliate marketing is blazing. People around the globe are in search of ways that can lead them to the success peak in affiliate programs. I’m guessing you are on the same track, right? If yes, then I’m going to discuss an amazing free training course name “My Online Startup”.

What My Online Startup Actually Is?

Primarily, My Online Startup is a free video training course that teaches you how to establish and grow an online business. It also delivers the possible means to make your name dominant as an affiliate marketer.

This course is basically designed by an entrepreneur and famous internet marketer ‘Chuck Nguyen’, he comprehensively described the key markers required to build a sustainable business online which are equally suitable for all beginners.

Surprisingly, without having any prior experience or thousands of social media followers, you can lead well in the world of online earning by simply implementing the techniques mentioned in the course.

Digging deep, My Online Startup is an absolutely free affiliate marketing training course that offers you 50 free high-quality training videos. The first lesson in the video begins with ‘How to Get Started’.

So, you will be getting all the necessary information in the single course, besides jumping to many.

Moreover, besides gaining deeper insights into online success, you will be learning about how to create a required mindset for success.

In addition to affiliate marketing, this program will also teach you basic details of authority platform, lead generation, and YouTube marketing as well.

Furthermore, you will come to know about targeted solo ads and forum marketing.

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What Does My Online Startup Program offer?

Here, I’m going to explain some marvelous features of My Online Startup, which I noticed during use. Actually, the bit-by-bit instructions assist you to become the maestro of the online affiliate marketing field in almost no time. Below are some prominent modules of this course.

  • Module#1: Overview (1 Lesson)

In this section, the owner gives personal information and elaborates on how to use navigation across the members’ area.

  • Module#2: The Game Plan (1 Lesson)

In this video, you will be given a brief overview of what you are going to learn in the rest of the course.

  • Module#3: Mindset for Success (7 Lessons)

At the very beginning of this course, owner Chuck Nguyen will tell you details about why affiliate marketing is rocking in today’s era. After having all the necessary information about affiliation, you will be thought about the mindset that you require for grabbing ideal success.

In the first few runs, you will be able to come up with clear income goals, a strong personality that always helps to stay motivated and productive to nail the desired success.

  • Finding Low Competitive Affiliate Niche and Related Products (5 Lessons)

If you are not a zero-level beginner, you probably know the basics of affiliate marketing. Searching for appropriate profitable niches is not a piece of cake, without proper guidance, you’ll end up with messy stuff.

This course explains almost all factors that must be kept in mind while finding a niche for your affiliate business, like interest, competition, profit, product price, demand, etc.

After going through the process, you would have enough skills to find game-changing products for your online startup.

  • Whipping up Leads (6 Lessons)

This course guides you on how to build an excellent lead generation system. Additionally, you will come up with tips and tricks to create capture pages, lead magnets, and operating robotic follow-ups as well. Amazingly, you will be able to track conversations and integrate your system.

  • Creating an authoritative Blog (7 Lessons)

My Online Startup course teaches the possible ways and importance of creating an authority platform and maintaining it with fresh content. Once you acquired the details from this section, you will be having multiple ideas for building a blog and extracting long-term benefits from it.

  • Operating Solo Ads (4 Lessons)

The comprehensive training offered by this course carries you through the modes by which you can run targeted solo ads using some easiest traffic modes. In addition, you will also learn more about solo ad networks, and trusted solo ad vendors.

  • Forum and YouTube Marketing (7 Lessons)

Besides teaching you about affiliate marketing, this course also gives handy methods to maintain YouTube and Forum marketing. Moreover, if you become an expert in YouTube marketing, you can easily create the best videos and rank them higher.

The tips which are offered related to forum marketing would allow you to attract convertible traffic with less effort.

Members Support system of My Online Startup

When it comes to My Online Startup’s support, you’ll come across both good and bad aspects. The good news is that you could access the member-only area where all of your questions will be answered properly. There is also a comment section in the training area, but forget to get any positive reply from that section.

However, if you are in serious trouble, you can contact the expert immediately through skype or email. To allow you to discuss your issues in detail, you are free to join the free Facebook bolster group. Amazingly, from Facebook groups, you would get the answer with 24 hours.

Pros of My Online Startup

  • Free Course
  • Lifetime free support
  • Equally valuable for beginners
  • A handy way to earn money
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

Cons of My Online Startup

  • The extra cost required for paid traffic strategies and recommended tools
  • Constant efforts are needed to gain considerable success
  • Only available online


Overall, My Online Startup is a high-quality platform for anyone who is in search of building their career in affiliate marketing. Unquestionably, the results you attain from MyOnlineStartup are highly dependent on your efforts and level of concentration.

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