Long Tail Pro Review

Long Tail Pro Review – Is It Really The Best Keyword Research Tool?

Have you ever heard about Long Tail Pro? It is a great tool for searching keywords. It not only helps in searching the keywords but is also helpful in making back-end analysis and checking the competitiveness of the keywords along with their ranking situation.

The keyword finding is a great way of doing best in the field of affiliate marketing. You cannot compete in an online world of business without having access to these great tools. These tools help you in finding the best words for strengthening the qualities of your products.

You can easily place your products at the top ranking by using appropriate keywords.

But does this tool boost your business?

How does this Long Tail Pro work to help you in growing your online business? These questions depend upon certain features of the tool.

Features of Long Tail Pro

Some of the most important features for this tool are as follows:

Smooth Interface:

The user interface of such keyword searching tools must be user-friendly. There are multiple options available in the market and all these are doing well but some of these do not allow you to work properly because of having a very critical and complicated interface.

The user interface for this tool is very smooth and easy to use. It helps find the right keywords according to your search and this will finally help you in growing the activities of your business.

Finding Long Tail Keywords:

With the help of this tool, you can search for multiple keywords at a time. This tool is available with the functioning of finding long-tail keywords at a time and there is no need to look for every keyword individually. This special feature helps in finding multiple words at a time without wasting your time.

This tool helps find low competition long tail keywords along with search volume estimates and competition metrics. This is the feature that you can hardly find in other tools available for a similar purpose.

Another very helpful and very important feature is finding and sorting the targetable keywords and long phrases that match your search immediately. The algorithm present in the tool is efficient in doing its work properly.

If you want to check the ranking of the keywords of your competitors then this tool can help you in this also. But if you want to make all your search manual then it will also help you to customize your search.


Whenever you find a keyword you will also be given its competitive score. This score for keywords helps find and analyze that how much a keyword will be harder to place at first rank without an authority.

The keyword competition metric can also be compared with the rank value to make a better analysis of the keyword. This feature helps in analyzing the competitiveness of the keywords.

SERP Analysis:

SERP analysis is a great feature of the tool. Keywords search tools either sort a lot of information for your SERP and it becomes harder for you to navigate with the keyword or on the other hand it will give you easier information and will cut the rest of the important features.

Both of the situations are not good for your online business. The Long Tail Pro gives you the best combination of these two features. You need to insert the seed word into the search bar to get its SERP result. You can get the results for your search with average keyword competitiveness and great search volume.

These are the features that are backed by great information and this will help you in analyzing the status of keywords. By scrolling down you will access the breakdown structure.

This structure will help you in finding the best structure of long-tail phrases for you that you can use to enhance the competitiveness of your product.

Backlink Analysis:

Backlink analysis is another add-on feature of this tool. This feature helps in finding the exact words with the backlink category and you can have the long phrases with average ranking volume and history. You can subscribe to this add-on feature by paying some extra costs.

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Pros of Long Tail Pro

Some of the important pros for the tool are as follows:

  • It is easy to use and seamless in operation. Its working is very much smooth as compared to other keyword search tools available nowadays.
  • The cost for the tool is nominal and it is not very much costly.
  • The tool not only helps in finding accurate results for your search but also provides you the best analysis for your search. This search analysis helps select the right words for describing the quality of your business.
  • The tool helps make the competitive analysis easier with the help of metrics available in the tool. These metrics are useful in concluding your results.
  • Ahrefs is the leader in this keyword search world and it provides the same opportunities with great quality and superb searching assistance but meanwhile, this tool is very much expensive.
    There are many features in Ahrefs that are very costly. As compared to these tools available in Ahrefs this Long Tail Pro is not as much costly.
    It performs the functions in the same way but is available with the tools that provide you the same quality work with less amount spend on them.

Cons of Long Tail Pro

Some of the cons of this tool are as follows:

  • Some features are already available in Ahrefs with the same capacity. The most important element is in the form of backlink analysis.
    In this tool, you have to pay extra charges to avail of the services of this analysis but in Ahrefs this tool works in the same subscription fee and automatically.
    There is no need of getting a new subscription and paying extra charges to avail of this facility in Ahrefs.
  • Ahrefs also provide great SERP analysis.

The Final Verdict

Long Tail Pro is a tool that is available with great knowledge and superb backend support. These are the qualities that make it a great choice for your online business. It is therefore highly recommended to avail of this opportunity and get this tool.

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