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ConversioBot Review – A complete Chatbot System

Increasing email lists on autopilot and earning bulk and lucrative commissions really sounds exciting but do it really work? For achieving these goals help is taken from artificial intelligence chatbot but can this all happen with the help of ConversioBot?

People usually think that all these products are just scams but how much are they right in their perception? For all these queries this review article will help you a lot.

Affiliate marketing is a concept that is emerging widely with the passage of time. More and more people are taking interest in finding ways of becoming active and successful affiliate marketers and earning significant extra commissions and revenues.

It seems very easier to become an affiliate marketer but in reality, it is not as much easier as it seems to be. If you are starting from zero and having no relevant experience along with a limited amount to invest then you need to be very careful and remain alert all the time.

You can use a chatbot to autopilot and boost the lists of your emails and it will help you in earning lucrative commissions but the only thing that matters a lot is to have the right tools that must be used at right time with the right perception.

Short Summary

ConversioBot is an artificial intelligence chatbot that helps the owners of websites to convert their sales into leads and it will help in getting more revenues. It means that it becomes very easier to earn money now by using this chatbot.

With the help of this product, you can easily customize chatbots and usually, these chatbots come with the original product. This customization can be done with the simple option of “Done for you”.

Meanwhile, there is an option to create your own chatbot and this process is also very much simple and easy because it allows you to create the chatbot with the simple option of drag and build. If you are seeking help to make the visitors of your website the actual customers then this tool is really very helpful.

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Who can use ConversioBot?

Anyone having the website and really wants to convert the traffic into the actual subscribers then this tool is especially for him. Following are some of the important persons that can use this tool to increase their revenues:

  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Freelancers
  • E-commerce businessmen and entrepreneurs
  • Business owners at a small scale
  • Local businesses

Features of ConversioBot

There are several chatbots that are currently available in the market and people are using them. No doubt that these tools are productive and give back a return to the investor but Conversiobot is totally different from all of them. There are special characteristics and features of this tool that make it prominent and distinctive from the rest of the products. These features are as follows:

Easy to use

This product is very much easy to use. You can easily install it on your website even beginners will find it really very helpful and easy to use.

Questionnaire Ability

The product helps you to deal with your customers with the help of certain series of questions. With the help of these questions, it becomes easier to better understand the requirements of your customers and to serve them in a better way.

The easiest way to understand this feature is to ask your visitor about their interests and then give them the links that will correspond to their queries.

Dual Options

ConversioBot comes into two main options and these are Conversiobot Pro and Conversiobot Lite. There is a difference of just $1 in the prices of these two products with the same options but Conversion Pro is somehow the best option because it helps in getting more advantages. These are as follows:

  • Access to unlimited chatbots
  • Options of installing chatbots on multiple websites. It means that you only need to purchase a single chatbot and then you can install this chatbot to as many websites as you want.
  • There are customized templates for the chatbots and almost 10 different templates are available.
  • These chatbots are fully commercialized and it means that you can sell them easily and can get 100% profit.

Pros of ConversioBot

Some of the important pros of the Conversiobot are as follows:

  • Easy to use and not complicated to understand
  • Not very much costly. By investing little amounts you can grasp the tool of increasing your commission.
  • Helpful in interacting with the customers in the form of questionnaires.
  • Two different chatbot options are available for the convenience of freelancers.

Cons of ConversioBot

Following are some cons of the product:

  • When you will buy the initial product of Conversiobot then you have to buy a series of compensating elements that can be used as by-products. This procedure costs you a little bit more and sometimes it becomes hectic to further invest in the by-products.
  • The by-products are not as much necessary when you are running just a single website. In order to run a site agency, you need to invest in these upsells because these will help you in understanding the concept of running the business along with enhancing your revenues.

Final Verdict

People usually think that Conversiobot is a scam and they do not bother it. In fact, it is not a scam and it is a 100% legitimate product for using the chatbots and enhancing revenues.

The product helps in multiple dimensions and it is also applicable for the conversion of almost every website and these websites involve the following websites:

  • Affiliate review site
  • List building pages
  • Word press blogs
  • Local business sites
  • E-commerce stores and businesses
  • Consultancy websites
  • Freelance websites

The product works in an excellent manner to all these websites so it is highly recommended to just invest $47 and get your version of ConversioBot to expedite the process of converting the visitors of your website into actual customers.


Overall the product is good and it helps the affiliate marketer in enhancing their secondary sources of income. On the other hand, full-time businessmen can also use the same products.

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