Bluehost Review

Bluehost Review – Best Hosting with Economical pricing

Bluehost is a web hosting company created by the Endurance International Group back in 2003. It hosts up to 2 million domains and is one of the 20 largest web hosts in the world.

Located in Utah, USA, the company is dedicated to providing 24/7 online web hosting at affordable rates, so you may never have to worry about paying for hosting to a shady and dubious hosting provider.

Bluehost Pricing Plans

If you’re looking to build a website, but don’t exactly know from where should you start? Where to get the hosting from? Who to contact for support? Whom to ask for storage, themes and will you get a free domain for one year?

Well, don’t need to worry because Bluehost has it all covered through its four monthly plans, which, apart from being economical, can help you get going within a few hours.

Features Basic Plus Choice Plus Pro
Websites  Unavailable Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Office-365 for 30 Days  Unavailable Unavailable Available Available
Automated Backup  Unavailable Unavailable Available for one year Available
Dedicated IP  Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Available
Price per Month  $4.95 $7.45 $7.45 $18.95


With the basic plan of only $4.95, you get one website, as well as CDN, the SSL certificate, 24/7 customer support, 50 GBs of storage, custom themes, and the domain for one whole year. Though if you want any more benefits than these then you have to check the other three plans.


The pro plan, coming in at $7.45 has all the advantages of the basic plan. The SSD storage in the plus plan becomes unlimited, so you can be free of worrying about running low on space.

Other than that, getting Office-365 for 30 days and being able to create unlimited websites is also an added advantage. Though for services like domain privacy, you might want to consider the choice plus plan.

Choice Plus

The choice plus has the same price $7.45, as well as the same features, as the plus, however, it has domain privacy and even automated backup for one whole year, to ensure that your precious data, in case of any mishap can be recovered with ease.

Though for a monthly price it is fairly inexpensive, you should consider the pro plan for even more services.


The pro plan is priced at $18.95, and though it is the most expensive of the bunch if you’re running more than one site and want hosting, themes, 24/7 online customer support, and everything included in the choice plus plan, plus optimized CPU resources, and a free dedicated IP, then the pro plan is made for you.

It must be, however, noted that these plans have auto-renewal, and once your first twelve months of use are over, the new rates will be:

  • $9.99 for the basic plan.
  • $13.99 for the plus plan.
  • $18.99 for the choice plus plan and,
  • $28.99 for the pro plan

Benefits of Using Bluehost


99% Uptime

Imagine when one day, you wake up and log in to your PC to check up on your site that has been performing fairly well in the past few months, but your data are gone.

Well need not worry because, with Bluehost that gives you a 99% 12-month up-time, you can be sure that your site will not just be showing up on whatever device you view it on, it’ll also be having its data stored by Bluehost, just like any other Tuesday

Quick Page-loading Speed

Google is nowadays getting more and more fixated on mobile-first indexing, what that means is that mobile users need to view those awesome sites of yours within seconds, otherwise you’ll end up losing quite a good chunk of traffic.

Well, what’s the solution you ask? Bluehost of course! With Bluehost, you’re getting up to 668 milliseconds. Now that is quite fast, but it isn’t as fast as their competitors. Still, you’re a good deal of your mobile viewers with Bluehost. Not a bad deal.

Low Introductory Pricing

What Bluehost does offer as its introductory prices for, say the basic plan, per month, is less than what you’d pay for a single day’s food! Yes, with $4.95, you get a CDN, an SSL certificate, continuous and non-stop online customer support, and even 50 GBs of storage.

Not is it only worth the price, but if you wish to run more than one single site then the other packages ensure that you get the maximum utility for a very inexpensive price.

Other Advantages

Bluehost also has only recently started an offer to grab more customers, and that is the migration of one WordPress site to Bluehost for free.

However, this does come with some terms and conditions, like the request for the migration has to be made in the first 30-days, after buying any plan that one may like.

And in any case, you do not end up liking Bluehost and would want to switch over to a different hosting service, they do offer a 30-day money-back policy, though it too has terms and conditions.

Things to Consider When Buying Bluehost


High Renewal Rate

The rates for renewing their services are very high compared to their competitors. As we have mentioned previously, even the most simplistic basic plan that costs about $5 will double in price the moment your first twelve months are over and will become $10.

The only real and practical way of getting around this is to buy hosting in advance. Even service for, for instance. $3, would become $9 and you’d be now committed for the next three whole years.

Plan Restrictions

Even in the most basic of all plans, the basic plan, do you not get much of an advantage when it comes to security. A simple SSL certificate cannot suffice for security.

This is, rather, unfortunately, a very common practice of Webhosting companies. Gain customers by cheap rates, then increase prices for them by giving them more advantages for outrageously high prices.


Bluehost is a good above-average web hosting service, but it does have some lacking in securing its customers’ sites against risks. They also do charge extra for services their companies would offer for cheaper but overall good in this price.

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